Sunday, 29 March 2009

Why the Chennai Super Kings will win

Obligatory Pre-Rehab Post on CSK before I disappear.

Why the Chennai Super Kings will win:

  • They are dressed in yellow and blue.
  • They are Super Kings.
  • They have a player named Napoleon Einstein.
  • Freddie's on the team.
  • Albie is on the team.
  • Jacob Oram won't be too busy avoiding Test cricket.
  • Dhoni's hair is no longer a separate entity to his body.
  • Albie & Makhaya Ntini will be there for the entire tournament.
  • Matthew Hayden and Michael Hussey will be there for the entire tournament.
  • Dhoni's gloves.
  • Warnie's a wanker.
  • They beat Kings XI by 9 wickets.
  • They only lost the final in the last ball.
  • There is only one Englishman on the team.
  • Albie will be sending texts from "Nurse Saskia" to Warnie during the games.
  • Manpreet Gony is feeling good today.
  • They don't slap each other.
  • They don't cry.
  • I want them to.

Why the Chennai Super Kings will lose:

  • They are dressed in yellow and blue.
  • They are Super Kings.
  • Stephen Fleming is New Zealander.
  • Makhaya Ntini is a rapist.
  • There is one Englishman on the side.
  • Michael Hussey will be there for the entire tournament (NO HE'S NOT, I'M AN EVIL WOMAN.)
  • Freddie won't be there for the entire tournament.
  • They lost the final to a team captained by a wanker.
  • Manpreet Gony is married to Manpreet Kaur.
  • It is owned by India Cements.
  • Dhoni's gloves.
  • The universe is against me.

Napoleon Einstein - my new best friend


Jake said...

Hi Amy, nice blog.
It will be good to see Matty Hayden playing again in the IPL. The only reason I want Chennai to win anyway.

Amy said...

Excellent, now we can both be hoping Hayden thunders down the track hitting sixes. Ordinarily, I'd be hoping for the opposite, but I need CSK to win, so I'll let the big fellow off this time.

Rayden said...

Not sure if Mike Hussey will stay for the entire tournament. Don't all the current Australian cricketers have to leave within 2 or 3 weeks for Ashes or I think the Pak series in Abu Dhabi if its happening?

It will be too bad if he leaves. He is my favourite Aussie cricketer even though he is out of form now. He is not just a great cricketer but seems like one of the nicest guys in world cricket.

Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

Michael Hussey won't play the entire tournament.. He will leave in 2 weeks..

12th Man said...

Mike Hussey has not been so bad in the limited overs game. His test match form alone has waned.
The one Englishman in the CSK team is the only Englishman who deserves to play for an International side. So I don't count it as a negative.

Amy said...

My bad. Michael Hussey will indeed leave before the tournament ends. And despite the mockery, I do feel bad for the guy. He's one of those people who spends so damn long perfecting their sport, working terribly hard to get into the game, but then experience a slump in form. And he is a great person. I met him briefly and he's incredibly accommodating.

12th man, I did list it as both a positive and negative. The Englishmen seem to be carrying bad luck around with them is all.