Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hello there again

An absence of 3 days means I miss 3 match results. Goddamn it.
  • Safrica won in the second T20 match. I'm not smirking, I swear. Albie made 14 off 10 balls and was not out at the end of the innings, also picking up Warner Bunny's wicket. And he took a catch. And then there was Roelof van der Merve, or ROFL, however you wish to put it, won Man of the Match, making 48 off 30 balls. It means he's in the ODI squad for the first two matches. That was slightly easy, I'm thinking. Morne's quivering in his boots right now because of the increased competition. It's not even important to mention Australia's performance, making 139 in the 20 overs, and not the 156 required. Nathan Bracken went for 44 runs, taking one wicket. I don't even know why I'm mentioning this. It's just funny.
  • England wins the ODI. Thanks, Ducky. Although, they actually performed well, so credit goes to the team. Particularly me, says Strauss. And yes, particularly him. Brilliant knock.
  • India draws the Napier test with NZ. Thought so. They only lose 3 wickets in the 2nd innings and held out for a draw.

Meanwhile, I have been chatting to the likes of Julia Gillard and Princess Anne. Got to make myself feel better about missing these matches.

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