Thursday, 26 March 2009

Shame, shame, shame

Apparently Warnie thinks it's a shame the IPL won't be hosted in India. In the same interview, at various points throughout it:

"It won't be the same as it being in India."

"Hopefully the South African public will get behind it and turn up to the ground and make it a great spectacle."

"South Africans love sport, they're very passionate about their sport."

"Hopefully they get some good crowds."

"It'll be nothing like if it was in India, and it's a shame it can't be in India."

"It is a shame we're not in India, it would have been nice to be there."

So if I'm interpreting this correctly, and I may be wrong so feel free to correct me, he thinks it's a shame the IPL can't be held in India?

The first match will be at Newlands on the 18th April.


Rayden said...

All the cricketers saying its a shame IPL won't be played in India this year, were the first to comment that they were not sure of playing in IPL due to security reasons.

Only some of the NZ guys were honest enough to say they are relieved IPL has shifted to SA.

Amy said...

Yeah, I think McCullum might have said something along those lines...