Saturday, 28 March 2009

England fucks it up again

No surprise there, only it was almost laughable this time. And not in a "We just won by one run because the Windies fucked up their maths" way. This was more of a "What a piss take, England lose by 8 wickets and Chris Gayle goes berserk and hits 8 sixes" kind of thing.

Andrew Strauss has had his head done in by this England captaincy.
Ravi Bopara and KP practically threw the ball to fielders.
Soon after, Owais Shah and Flintoff said "Fuck it, we're taking off" and kindly gave up their wickets.
Paul Collingwood is likely to be smug in the change rooms, being the only one not to actually get out, after a misjudged lbw call by Steve Bucknor.
Matt Prior was next on the loser train, hitting a ball lovingly to point.
Broad was next, making little impact on the side.
Then came Dimitri Mascarenhas and Gareth Barry, who thankfully restored a semblance of dignity to the side, putting on 48. But they were also out.

England made 117, and didn't even bat out the 50 overs.
But what's even more disturbing is the next part. The Windies had wrapped up the game in 14.4 overs, with Gayle's 80 from 43 balls doing much of the work for them.
England are now 2-1 down in the ODI series.

How will England ever show their face after this? This is getting ridiculous.


GoodCricketWicket said...

I would try and tell you that we are only interested in test matches, but we're not very good at those either any more.

Of course, we do have to keep playing in these nasty overseas conditions, so I'll choose that as the latest Genuine English Excuse™

Amy said...

Ah, the old excuses. It was the clouds, the bad light, the rain, the wicket, the ball, I saw Gayle picking at the seams, my hand hurts, etc.

Top job, GoodCricketWicket. I reckon that last one's pretty viable. Damn all overseas pitches to hell.