Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mickey Arthur is confused

Yes he is. Apparently he cannot fathom why South Africa "struggle" in the first test of a series. Well, someone's being unnecessarily kind to the SA team. It's more of a complete and utter soul-crushing collapse than a "struggle". Struggling is what you call England, in fact it is a term reserved for England. England is perpetually struggling. We take pity on them and leave it at "struggling". But SA on the other hand have regular brain explosions. They cannot win without being the losing side first. It's almost a way of life.

Mickey's also prepared to move to the Australian outback if that's what it takes:
“There are just too many commitments and things in Johannesburg that deflects attention. Players are asked to do things for team sponsors and even their own sponsors. I believe the team will prepare a lot better in a small city or town.

Yes. You heard it here first. Forget nuclear testing and rabbit proof fences, we're gonna start renting out our land to the SA cricket team. Maybe they'll find happiness in Boggabilla in remote SA. It's even more perfect because Mickey Arthur can convince the dumb players that South Australia is really South Africa. So I guess that means the entire squad.

Although I'm sure Albie would figure it out.

"My hair may be thinning, but my brain isn't."

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