Thursday, 2 April 2009

Jacob Oram is key for CSK

News is that Jacob Oram may not play in this year's IPL tournament after all, due to an Achilles tendon strain. If he's unable to play in the New Zealand domestic state championship final in early April, then it looks like it'll be a sorry goodbye for Oram.

According to the Chennai Super Kings' cricket operations director, VB Chandrasekhar, Stephen Fleming is doing a little behind-the-scenes persuasion to "convince Oram to play the tournament". I don't know what exactly that entails, but I'm trying to get in touch with Oram using Morse code to tell him to run for his life. Everyone's after him. Including Dhoni, says Chandrasekhar. How does that work? Dhoni sneaks off to Oram's house after hours and breaks in to have a "friendly" chat about the possibility of playing for Chennai in the IPL?

Run for the hills. Dhoni's coming to get you and he's got a knife.

Of course, if "he doesn't feel up to it, we won't force him," continues Chandrasekhar. Oh well, I guess that solves THAT problem. No secret messages in Morse code for me.

He also states that Flintoff's absence for part of the tournament will mean Jacob Oram and Albie Morkel will have to share the workload of the team, and that the further absence of Oram would put Morkel under "great strain". I don't know if Chandrasekhar knows this, but if that were to happen Albie would obviously cope well under pressure and continue to go bonkers with the bat, smashing balls into smithereens and mistaking the road outside the stadium as the boundary.



12th Man said...

He's not playing because he is guilty.

People back in NZ were lamenting that he feigned injury to play in the IPL.

So he pulls out to prove to the NZ public that country comes first.

bored cricket crazy indians said...

he's pulled out because of a legroom problem in coach - you can't fit morkel, freddie, oram in 1/2 a dressing room. the other half's for msd.

Amy said...

@12th man- You're right. The guilt always comes back to get you. Maybe Oram has had enough of avoiding playing for NZ. Well, one hopes so anyway.

@bcci - You forget Napoleon Einstein. He needs a good third as well. But this space issue is highly threatening. Lucky Jesse Ryder's not on the team because he would barely fit in with the egos of other players.