Saturday 2 May 2009

Jacques Kallis and the White Mischief Gals

Get ready to puke.

From our favourite Mischief Gal's blog.

KP is honestly half-woman there.

Jacques Kallis is disturbing beyond belief. Will you look at that expression? If I had to meet him, I'd kill myself.


Unknown said...

Hahaha... I met him when SA toured the Caribbean in 2005. He didnt look so creepy back then. Or maybe i was innocent enough to not know better and to run away and hide.

Lisa said...

A combination of a decade-old newspaper portrayal of Kallis as "sausage fingered" and a blogger's* recent description of his "hooded lizard eyes" mean that I whenever I think about him I get a mental image of him flicking out a reptilian tongue to lick his own chorizo-like fingers in a narcissistic act of self-love and insatiable hunger for pork products. It is deeply disturbing.

*can't remember whether it was King Cricket, Len or Suave)

Lisa said...

Now with that picture I'm imaging his tongue looping round into KP's ear to suck out his brains. Human's are called Long Pigs after all.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Wonder if Jessica Pietersen knows about this photo?

Srishti said...

KP isn't doing much for his masculinity is he? The lavender shirt, the necklace, the pout... I can't decide who looks more retarded-kp or kallis.

Ankit Poddar said...


aren't most of the commentors on this post females?!

Leela said...


Kallis looks freaky; its definitely KP who looks retarded.

And Amy, as Esra_Star said, we need you. Please don't sacrifice yourself for Kallis.

Lulu said...

It takes a real man to wear purple.

Amy said...

Esra, if I ever meet him, I will.

Rhoe, I was hoping for some suicide bombing action, but maybe next time.

Lisa, that is truly the most disturbing mental picture of Jacques Kallis I have ever had. Thanks for that, now he's going to appear in my nightmares. Haha.

NWG, I think she's too busy dancing on ice to know what KP gets up to.

Srishti, the look doesn't really work on KP.

Ankit, yes, but what does that herald?

Leela, I've had a change of mind. There is no way I'd ever do that.

Lulu, it takes a real man to wear a purple v-neck. It takes KP not to pull it off.

richie_141 said...

I wonder if Jessica knows KP's been raiding her wardrobe. Jesus! Although, that top IS doing wonders for his cleavage.

Lisa, I'm scared. So scared.

Amy said...

His head is a separate entity to his body so it looks as though his face is floating above a transvestite's torso.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Amy. Where do you find these pics? Awesome

Amy said...

I linked to the Mischief Gal's blog in the post :)

Anonymous said...

Great work! Are there more pics, or a link?

Amy said...

Well, not sure about more pictures, because that's the only one she put up. But this is the link to her blog. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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