Monday, 1 June 2009

Krudd Update

Seeing as I am devoted to a lifetime of servitude to our beloved earwax-eating PM: Kevin Rudd THOUGHT HE HAD SWINE FLU.
Still a long way to go. Got tested for swine flu on return because I had a sore throat. Test negative. Just the normal lurgie.
I was scared too. But luckily he's safe from the horrors of swine flu in Singapore. Be relieved, my friends. His round face has many places to go.


Esra_Star said...

Lucky KRudd. I, on the other hand, am trying to catch pig flu. I figure once I have it work will have to be closed for a week. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

I assume swines like Smith will catch it.

Stani Army said...

Must shook a pom's hand.....init Ames?

Amy said...

Esra, and then you'd possibly die, which is also a positive? Nah, the government would pump you full of Tamiflu. You'd be fine, just a swine flu victim.

Anon, I can't believe the Graeme comments are making it onto Kevin Rudd posts too.

Stani, yours perhaps?

Stani Army said...

I am Pig free thanks.