Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Face Of A Very Competent Captain

"Hmmm," says Ricky as his team prepares for training. "Lovely day to play cricket, is it. Nestled safely on my head as always, my VB cap is. Going to win this tournament, we are. Yes, hmmm."

"Yoda, I am."


Anonymous said...

He's obviously just let one rip Ames. Knocked out the bloke to his left. Must be the English breakfast.

Amy said...

I laughed terribly hard just then.

Stani Army said...

The one time I don't display my name, you admit to laughing at my jokes. Gotcha!


You can't get out of this one. Check my i.p if you no one else calls you Ames anyway. That's proof.

I can't admit to doing it on purpose though. Accidently pressed the return key. Good result though hey?

Crystal said...

Speaking of VB caps did anyone else enjoy the irony that at the press conference about Symmonds going home for alcohol related issues all the players were wearing their VB caps? I know I did.

Amy said...

Stani, I guessed as much. The Ames gave it away, you cunning bastard. Although I do laugh at some of your other jokes, especially when they're more tasteful than the toilet humour experienced above.

Crystal, they asked Nielsen about that and he just said it was "standard procedure" to be wearing the VB caps. I think it's wonderfully ironic and entirely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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