Monday, 1 June 2009

Buchanan the cunning bastard

We see what he's doing there, cavorting with the enemy and then having the guile to say it's not Ashes talk. Trying to get Australian officials and players paranoid, are we? Yes indeed is the answer. Clever fellow, here's John Buchanan dodging the real truth:
"I did drop in and see some cricket officials in England on my way home from South Africa but it was a fleeting visit. There have been no negotiations, and nothing about the Ashes."

Or so he says.

Contrary to his poorly disguised lies, I have some contacts who tell me on very good authority that Buchanan was recently seen sneaking into ECB offices holding a sack full of cooking utensils designed for camping in the bush. Or in some quiet woods in northern England, I suppose.

Don't believe his lies, Warnie says he's evil and so he must be. He's fucked in the head, and the Kolkata Knight Riders are one way to prove this. Part of me hopes he does become England's coach development manager because then he'll send some of the players mad as he has attempted to do so to many other international players.

But the other part of me knows better.


Stani Army said...

Why do people pay this guy?

Amy said...

He brainwashes them.

Stani Army said...

We need people with no brains to become employers. We'll see how good he is at findinng work then. Init Ames

Alok said...

He is CA's secret double-agent weapon to ensure that Australia keep the Ashes this year.

He was also Lalit Modi's secret double-agent weapon to ensure that this year's IPL will have at least one laughingstock of a team.

He can only be tamed and neutralized by Shane Warne repeatedly hitting him in the nuts with a ball. Swann has his task cut out now.

Amy said...

Stani, do you often say 'innit' in real life too?

Alok, hahaha, that's assuming he has any balls at all. Real ones, not those artificial ones.

Stani Army said...

This is real life Ames.....init

Som said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that this is yet anotehr Aussie ploy to airdrop Buchanan in the Pom camp and ensure Ashes remains in pocket. Cowards, fight it fair and square!

Amy said...

Stani, it is.

Som, and here I was thinking England were trying to get sneaky and poach the Ashes back by stealing Ashes tactics.