Sunday, 7 June 2009

West Indies win

Good stuff.

Not much to say except after the innings Gayle and Fletcher had, everyone wanted the Windies to win this match.

But I do believe there should be more cricketers named Xavier. "X Marshall" is the best name on the scorecards from both of these teams. Maybe you could even change your last name to "Treem" or something. I don't know, just saying. The possibilities are endless. Isn't there a BMX rider who legally changed his name to Kamikaze? It's be just like that, only CRICKET.

I think I need some sleep. Well done to the West Indies. They beat the Aussies with 4 whole overs (and one ball) to spare. That's massive. They didn't play close to a quarter of the time the Australians did.

The crowd certainly thinks the Australian loss is very appropriate. Never have there been so many West Indian supporters in the same place, more than half not even having geographical ties to the Windies.


Stani Army said...

I think Aus saw Eng lose yesterday and thought "clever b****rds, they're trying to get more preparation time for the Ashes", so they decided to lose today.

I think Eng and Aus are in a race to see who can get knocked out first.

Esra_Star said...

Conspiracy theory Stani? I just think Aus were doing there usual, lose a clump of early wickets, try and make someone struggle to 50 before the end of the innings (It's a lot like the ODI plan!).

But unfortunately for them Gayle was fucking awesome. How massive were some of those 6's? That's what T20 should be like!

Stani Army said...

Conspiracy theory? Me?


Come on!?!?

It's just bad luck Watson. Ever since his moaning about Saeed Ajmal, fortune has turned against him. He needs to repent.

How bad is Ponting? Doesn't like Brett Lee so lets him bowl his full quota just so that he gets tonked everywhere. Sacrificed a WC game just to show him up. Some grudge that.

Anonymous said...

Well done Windies. Now we just need the Scotch to beat the fat captain's team tonight to complete a satisfying first round of matches.

Amy said...

Nooooooo, not a Graeme Smith hater in a WI/Australia post. I'll have to take out the garlic and holy water soon.

12th Man said...

Hasn't any Australian call you a traitor yet, Amy?

Stani Army said...

12th man, view the sidebar on the homepage. The most likeable thing about Amy is that (some) Australians hate her. Therefore, by default, we must love her.

Amy said...

I'm the biggest traitor known to Australians because I value good cricket over shit performances by Australia anyday.