Monday, 1 June 2009

Russell Kane on ECB cliches

You folks never give me a chance to read your comments before I head out for the day. Never fear, because Russell Kane is here to liven up everyone's day. This is a segment taken from an SBS show 'The Squiz', which is basically a sports quiz. And in this clip, funny man Kane is made to give a speech by the ECB explaining why England have had 7 captains in 2 years or something.

It's pretty shoddy quality video, I can't believe it's even uploaded, but the cliches he's supposed to work into his speech are a laugh:


Stani Army said...

Did you film this?

You've been swearing on our blog again haven't you? I've dealt with it my unique way :o)

I will take every opportunity to diss you on Stani now. All as expression of my love for you of course.

Amy said...

Nah, I couldn't be bothered to film something like this.

But you're a lovely person. Maybe I just won't comment there, and you'll soon miss my cussing ways. When you decide not to edit everything I say, you know where to find me. RIGHT HERE.

Stani Army said...

No. I know you can be good but you keep lapsing. Wait till I find that bad influence who is responsible for this.

You can still use my site as therapy.

Why is it that whenever you compliment someone, they still end up questioning their existence. Unique talent.

Amy said...

Hint: that bad influence is Albie. He's terrible, swears like a sailor and not even a Somalian one at that.