Tuesday, 2 June 2009

KP thinks he's a star

Surely if you're one of they key players your team relies on to stand a chance of winning matches, you wouldn't actually go say it. In any case, that's not how it's done in England. Just as I'd almost forgotten KP is a South African (and therefore, the following makes total sense), he reminds us otherwise:
"England are not relying on one or two players. If you look at Australia during their good times, if Hayden didn't perform, Gilchrist did."
Fair enough, that's pretty true. But wait for him to essentially place himself in the same league as Hayden:
"The best thing about what's happening now is that if I fail like I did when I got a first-baller at Lord's, we still got a decent total."
Oh, how you make me laugh. It's a miracle, says KP. It's a miracle that England can perform well without him. He's the star player, the man who normally has to do it all. And now he doesn't.

Dear god. It's almost like he's acknowledging the truth, what many people have said. That KP is the key batsman for England, that he can win them matches. But the thing is, nobody has ever come out and said 'Yeah, I'm it. I'm the person who makes things happen for my team.' Yet KP essentially is, and he's managed to disguise it as a humble comment. Amazing.

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