Thursday, 4 June 2009

Almost embarrassed

If I weren't so sneaky, I'd almost feel embarrassed by how Albie performed in the warm-up match against Sri Lanka.

But I am sneaky, so I'll tell you it was just a warm-up match. Clearly he was giving the opposition a chance to get themselves into the game so he could execute a real crackdown towards the end. The poor fellow forgot he only gets to bowl four overs, though, so he didn't get around to the part where he gets a hat-trick.

It's okay. Albie has learnt from his mistake and will now time his strategy to four overs.

And this is getting really petty here, but fuck me if I'm not petty when it comes to AB. Doesn't he just look absolutely shit in the SA uniform?

Albie, on the other hand, is doing alright.


Stani Army said...

AB needs to pull his pants up....actually, I think Sanga's just had a tug on 'em old school style just before AB played the shot. Check his hands....guilty!

Poor Albie. She really looks out of place playing with the men. Let's hope she DON'T get injured before the tournament begins. I said let's hope she DON'T get injured before the tournament begins.

I can't believe you missed it Ames!!! Didn't they report AB chucking the ball at umpire Taufel? I think he hates Aussies.

The Lankan batsmen went for a single, Taufel moved away from the stumps and turned his back on the ball to watch for a run-out. AB fields the ball behind Taufel and chucks it right into Taufels back. Ouch!


Amy said...

AB's a dickhead. Of course he'd try to kill the only decent umpire on the field.

Q said...

They all look shit in those new uniforms. Clowns!

boncam said...

It looks like pajamas! Only Dale % Albie looks good in it. Reebok suck. Strangely enough, Sri Lanka's uniforms are also made by Reebok. The hummel was awesome!

donthaveaclue said...

only almost?

as homer simpson would say "D'oh!"

Esra_Star said...

And does nothing to hide the man boobs on Kallis and Smith either. Dark clothes are slimming boys, dark clothes!

Amy said...

Q, even clowns look better.

Boncam, you sure know how to get into my good books. Skip the Dale next time and it'd be even better.

donthaveaclue, next time, my friend. Next time.

Esra, the Kiwis are onto something.

boncam said...

Amy, why dont you like Steyn? He is Albie's best mate?

Amy said...

Oh, I just meant if you were going to praise someone, devoting it all to Albie would be better. Otherwise, I don't really mind about Steyn.

boncam said...

Alright, Albie's the man. Steyn is his sidekick.

Anonymous said...

Pretty wrong Boncan, pretty wrong! Albie's best mate isnt Dale!
Last year, during the english county season, when Albie was batting for Durham, there came a box under his name, that had some interesting informations in it. For eg: His Ice bath buddy is AB! (Horrible)
But later on I found out that the Ice bath buddies mentioned there, actually means the Player's best friend.
So now I hope you know who his real best mate is!

Amy said...

For a moment there I thought you actually meant ice bath buddy and I nearly puked.

boncam said...

Okay, okay, I didnt want to mention AB on Amy's blog. I thought AB's roommate was Morne. Well then, Dale's best mates are Albie & Morne. They go crocodile hunting together.

I think all the Titans' mates are close. Thats AB, Albie, Morne, Dale, Harris & ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Dale's best mate is Morne???? Lol you gotta be kidding me!
I mean c'mon! Dale himself proved in this article that he is jealous of Morras!

Yeah AB's room-mate IS still Morne, so?

boncam said...

(Fuck sake!)
Anon, I was only joking with Amy. You see Amy is a rock hard Albie fan. I was praising Albie & Dale in the same sentence. I JOKED when I said that they are best mates. Okay?