Saturday, 6 June 2009

Of utes and being sent home in disgrace

Bloody utes, they keep popping up everywhere. The new job's turning out to be a bit of a shocker, so apologies for the lack of posts. Just when I thought I'd dusted my hands of dealing with the aftermath of a particular issue, being a free ute that's causing the most controversy utes have been able to in the history of their existence, in comes the news that Andrew Symonds has returned to Brisbane today and left the airport... in a ute.

I can appreciate the irony.

Roy returned to Brisbane early this morning and was met by a host of reporters, all keen to ask him some questions about his fall from grace. He didn't answer any, but he did give a statement:
"I've got a fair bit to consider I suppose and I appreciate you all coming out here this morning and I will come out and make a proper full statement when I've gathered my thoughts and sat down with family and friends."
Queensland Cricket still want him to play for the Bulls. That's possibly the only positive in this situation.
This time Roy didn't complain about the lack of a car to pick him up from the airport as he did after returning from the IPL. He'd called ahead and gotten Joe Dawes to pick him up in his ute. Ah, the ute. The godforsaken ute I've had a tough time with. Cause for much worry and working into the night fielding calls left, right and centre. So this is how people deal with Canberra's lack of nightlife. They end up working through it.
In the meantime, we've learnt the violation of Symonds' contract was in regard to drinking in public and not informing team members or management where he was going before he headed out to watch the game. Over at The Times, David Fulton, former Kent captain, is lamenting the loss of Andrew Symonds. But then he describes him as Mick Dundee. Just as I thought Australia was beginning to brush off that image.


Chris said...

Is the ute thing you're talking about what I think it is? In canberra...

Q said...

Why is he walking out with 3 kit bags? Does he carry his clothes in them too? Or did he do some xtra shopping in England?

Amy said...

Chris, I'm not at liberty to discuss it or refer to it specifically. Got to keep these things under wraps. But yes, I do believe you have the right scandal in mind. It's in the papers too, but I won't say more myself.

Q, Clarke wanted to send back some presents for Lara. Roy was the messenger.

Q said...

Ha! So Lara's obviously not getting the gifts Clarke sent.. but she'll be getting something from Symonds.. wonder what he has in store.

Esra_Star said...

Mick Dundee! Steve Irwin dies and we're all like Mick again, fucking hell!

I like Ian Healy's comments about Roy having enough and trying to get dropped. I think he's on the money.

Hope you survive Canberra Amy, I imagine it's just a little bit different from Sydney!

Amy said...

Well, I've always liked Canberra for its quaintness. Just not enough to want to live here.

Imagine if Healy was wrong about what he'd said. Then he'd have gone and made an idiot out of himself.