Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sledging Siddle

Cricinfo have a piece up in which we're treated to the creativity of South African fans in their taunting of Siddle. I hope you're expecting something great, because it sure is:
"Siddle's a wanker" became a popular chant among the South African fans during this year's series.
There you go. Bloody hell, if I were a saffa, I'd be pretty freaking embarrassed by those efforts. It might even be worse than Aussie fans and the Glenn McGrath song, although that was slightly awesome, I'll admit.

But "Siddle's a wanker" is bereft of any real knife-plunging qualities, not that fans are usually capable of coming up with anything good anyway. However, there have been a few good sledges from crowds in past years. If I were Sidds, I would laugh in the faces of these saffas.

In Andrew McDonald news, he tells us he isn't motivated by Bob Willis' Ronald McDonald comparisons in the papers. Gee, I wonder why.

I also can't help noticing that a certain fake person has begun blogging again. While I don't particularly have any real interest in it at all, I just thought I'd link to an interview with the Fake IPL Player which I believed to be fake itself. As it turns out, the interview is actually real. Yeah. I know. He's struggling to come to terms with being old news, the poor thing.


boncam said...
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Amy said...

Maybe you weren't a part of the saffas calling him a wanker. You should be glad.

boncam said...

Either that or the fucker didnt realise it was the Aussies who should be getting the credit. Your famous for it

Amy said...

Aww, no, don't mention it. We've come up with some pretty crap stuff before.

Anonymous said...

I will perhaps regret asking this, but what was the McGrath song?


Jonathan said...

It was funny when it was Symcox, though.

Amy said...

Heather, "ooh, ahh, Glenn McGrath". If you haven't already heard it, you don't want to.

Jonathan, bless the man, he somehow provided the perfect fodder for lame sledging.