Saturday, 6 June 2009

Netherlands think they played "okay"

I'll bet even Collingwood gave them higher praise than that.

Determined not to rub the victory into England's faces, Netherlands captain Jeroen Smits tells reporters:
"We played okay. Batting wise we played up to our capabilities but fielding wise and bowling wise there is still room for improvement."

If I were captain of the Dutch side at the moment, I would just... you have no idea what I would be saying. England would be cringing more than ever. But Smits refrains. Go the Netherlands.

Now they're looking at qualifying for the Super Eights, and if possible, the semifinals. Awesome, you say? It is indeed.

Pakistan are going to be facing two teams determined not to lose to them. England, because if they were out of the tournament within 3 days it would be the greatest embarrassment ever suffered since the Stanford debacle, and the Netherlands, because they've taken time off work without pay, beaten the hosts, and now they bloody well want to get as far as possible in this tournament.


Esra_Star said...

Amy I'd love to see your press conference to the English, I reckon it'd be pretty fucking hilarious.

Also Dirk wants the Netherlands to keep winning so he can eat his hat. Take that Hilditch!

Amy said...

Dirk gorges on his hat after each win. Nice.

Jake said...

Probably went ahead with the statement prepared before the match ;)

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Amy said...

That explains the fact he didn't actually mention they won. Haha.