Sunday, 14 June 2009

New Zealand

New Zealand.

They just gave Umar Gul the first five-for in T20 international history. So, like, ever.

They are also intent on losing this match. What the fuck.

This is extremely embarrassing, and I'm not even a Kiwi.


Q said...

That's not a surprise..

FYI, Gul is the leading wicket taker in T20 Internationals.

Stani Army said...

Come on you Stanis!!!


"Gave" Umar Gul? O Ames....I feel your pain.

You should never doubt the most talented nation in world cricket. Never.

Leg Break said...


NZ has a proud and jealously guarded reputation for choking in the big ones.

But this morning's effort was right up there.

Amy said...

Q, it's not a surprise, it's a DISGRACE. Good bowling, but NZ also gave it away.

Stani, that's what plenty of people said about Australia and then they proved themselves to be on par with Scotland.

LB, they were just so determined to let the wickets fall. It was SA-esque, only South Africa likes to fuck up big time later on in the innings. New Zealand were more consistent throughout it.

Stani Army said...

There is one difference between Aus talent and Pak talent Ames. The Aussies work their balls off to try and be the best but the Stanis are just born with it (talent).

Don't get me wrong, the Aussie way is the right way (most people are not born talented at cricket), which is why it's currently being used as a blueprint for other sides. The scary thing would be if one day, the Stanis applied the Aussie way to their natural talent; that would be something.

Q said...

That's so true Stani... Pakistan has always produced naturally talented cricketers.. most of them get to int'l cricket without any coaching whatsoever.. thats why our cricket is so inconsistent and unpredictable..

If we actually had a system like Australia's, we'd be some force to reckon with.

Amy said...

I am a force to reckon with.

Stani Army said...

Just like Pakistani bloggers hey Q?

Ames, It's not're a good person - simple. You know what bullshit looks like, and you know what the truth looks like. You ain't my favourite Australian for no reason.

(You may subject this comment to your bullshit analyser - it will pass)

Amy said...

It takes years of training to be able to identify bullshit, thanks.

Q said...

Hahaha Stani, yeah just like us Stani bloggers ;-)