Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Run Ricky Run

For every run Ricky makes in the Ashes series, you donate a certain amount which is then forwarded to a charity supporting children through cancer.

Clearly this is a perfect excuse for England to go easy on Ricky. He’s helping little kids, for god’s sake. Have some pity, throw him some half-volleys.

The website for Run Ricky Run is rather interesting, but only because Ricky is updating his Facebook as we go through the World Twenty20 and probably the Ashes too. He’s doing it every day. Amazing. The latest is about the NZ warm-up match:
We beat New Zealand tonight passing their 147 with four balls remaining. Our bowlers certainly lifted a gear from the first game against Bangladesh and our fielding was much sharper. I scored 56 off 40 balls and am feeling good at the moment. All in all - a very satisfying result all round.
All in all, a boring person, but we’ve come to expect that from him.

And that brings me to some unfortunate news of mine. Due to a rather hasty life-changing career decision I made today, I fear I won’t be able to blog quite so often. I’ve had a good long think about it and my options are essentially to stop blogging or to possibly continue doing so, albeit posting much less. I’m going to be busy, especially on weekdays, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get much in for about 5 days of the week. The weekend would be a little easier, but only a little. What’s happening is good news for me, but not so much this blog.

So that’s what’s going to happen. I’m sorry about it, you guys are awesome. But… you know. Life. It happens. I apologise if I don’t get to reply to all your comments but I’ll try to read them all if I can. I’m just going to have to become one of those people who work ridiculously long weeks, not that I mind because it’s a pretty awesome situation. For me. Going to new heights, etc, what people always dream of doing.

Ah, okay. That’s that. I can’t help feeling that this blog won’t be half of what it is right now if I don’t post as much, but oh well. I can’t help it. I’ll make sure I post when I can, I promise.

Till next time, adieu, my friends. Adieu.


Crownish said...

I'll give you money every time you post something!

Esra_Star said...

Oh so sad, but if you get to hang out with K Rudd then I can understand why you'd make the change.

Have fun Amy, I'll keep popping in, cheering on Albs, abusing the ranga and mocking AB at all times. It's what I do best.

Stani Army said...

What? No! What am I gonna do? Did you actually think of me before making this decision? Typical.

[Sobs uncontrollably, unconsolably]

Prabu said...

What you fill find Amy, like the rest of us, is that after the initial period when you work with all sincerity, you will start blogging in full force again. We'll miss you during the honeymoon period and welcome you back when your bores shit of your job!!

Amy said...

Crownish, unfortunately, I'm getting more money when I don't blog. Hahaha.

Esra, no way, he was watching State of Origin. We were busy doing his dirty work for them. But I caught some of the end of the game. NSW lost. Fuck.

Stani, it's okay, I'll book you in with a psychiatrist.

Prabu, I don't think I'll bore of this job easily. I wouldn't have abandoned my old one if I would. Oh well.

Stani Army said...

No one bloody bothers offering me a tissue do they? Cunts

...and it's not ok Ames, it's not ok.

[Still sobbing]

Esra_Star said...

Stani honey, thats what the psychiatrist is for! That or find yourself a rebound girl ;)

Stani Army said...

Es, my pumpy-umpy-umpkin, there's only one Amy S. Rebound girl? What do you take me for? It's either you and her or nobody....and since you killed yourself over Pup, that just left Ames.

Hold on a minute, how have you managed to comment after you've killed yourself?

Esra_Star said...

Stani, I've decided to spare myself and sacrifice the real pup. Removing the problem, solves the problem!

missjane said...

Dammit Amy, what are we all going to do at work if you head off being productive? And where will all the Graeme Smith haters find material? 'Selfish, headstrong gal.'

Stani did you ever get a tissue? Your keyboard must be soaked. Anyway, got some if you need them. Also, sincerest sympathies on your team's thrash- err, loss.

Amy said...

The Graeme Smith haters will find ways to put words in my mouth regardless. Mark my words, soon everyone's going to know that Amy S. apparently confirmed reports Graeme is gay.

I wonder what I'll do then.