Sunday, 7 June 2009

Australia are going to lose

To the West Indies. You would think there's something wrong in that statement, and under normal circumstances there damn well should be.

But fuck, the West Indies are batting awesomely. Those first 5 or 6 overs were like a goldmine, and the best kind too. A boundary was practically expected off each ball. Not to mention Chris Gayle's absolutely massive six.

A fever pitch crowd baying for Australian blood. Looks like that wish will come true if the Windies don't magically fuck everything up, which is looking pretty unlikely and besides, choking is what South Africans do best, not the West Indies. A win for them will also happen a lot sooner if Australia continue to bowl the same excruciatingly high number of wides and no balls.

Brett Lee goes into the record books for that over from hell, I believe. 27 runs off it, the 4th highest in T20 International history. He's also lost a bit of the ol' pace it seems. Mitchell Johnson fared no better and was brutally savaged by Gayle and Fletcher. Australia gave it all away in those first few overs.

Will Gayle get one of the fastest centuries ever?


Anonymous said...

Eeeerrrr...were you watching the match? Lee & Johnson were bowling 145+ kph deliveries that got smacked for 4's and 6's!

I wouldn't say Lee's lost pace or Mitch didn't bowl well, I'd say Gayle was too good for Lee and the "great" Mitch Johnson. lmao

Amy said...

True, but what I meant was that Brett Lee wasn't hitting top speed at all. He was saying a few weeks back that he was bowling over 150 kph and I'd expected him to show some of that during the match.