Tuesday 28 April 2009

Aussie Traitors

You heard right. Aussie traitors join the likely-to-be-shit American Premier League or whatever it's called.

It's Jason Gillespie and Damien Martyn. Just when everyone had forgotten about them, bang, they resurface in a rebel league which will likely never grow to the size of even the ICL, let alone the IPL.

So Gillespie and Martyn.



Gaurav Sethi said...

Now the true meaning of journeyman cricketer surfaces, next you know, these two will be playing in space. Or the space between their heads

Gaurav Sethi said...

er ears.

Amy said...

When Madagascar has its own cricket league, you know who'll be heading there first.

Lisa said...

To be fair to them, they've already been branded lepers so cannot get any sort of job in official cricket. If Gillespie cannot be trusted to coach Aussie youngsters because he might taint them then why not fuck off on a jolly to the US?

Q said...

They r already part of the ICL so no surprises there.

Amy said...

Lisa, and to make it worse, nobody even likes his hair anymore. It's a hard life.

Q, yeah, the American league seems to be chock full of ICL players.