Thursday 30 April 2009

P20 Jokes

Come on, you can do it.

"I'd pee on P20 before I deigned to watch it."
"K-Pee might do well in the P20."
"Piss off P20."

That last one would only work if you had an Italian accent. Oh, whatever. I don't really care anyway.

But it's a riot. Just how much T20 does England want to play? They're setting the event in June from 2010 in the hopes that the best foreign players from around the world will be available for the tournament.

England are reportedly looking to rob major banks in order to finance all these contracts for foreign players.

Giles Clark is all cheery about it:
"I'm sure it will be another exciting development in the domestic cricket season."
Or is he?



Q said...

If they're replacing the current T20 tournament the counties play, it seems ok I think.

This was expected. Not far before leagues are ste up in Australia, South Africa and elsewhere.

Amy said...

I wish. They're keeping the Twenty20 cup too, just pushing it back a bit.

Q said...

Thats a bit screwed up then. They shidnt be looking at having 2 20-20 domestic championships? Which will be the official ones whose teams play in the Champions League?

This is absurd..

Amy said...

I read somewhere that the P20 will give them the chance to qualify in the Champions League but now I can’t find the source. Damn.

Another Blogger said...

Amy - The Guardian is reporting the Champions' League T20 stuff.

P20 is going to replace the current Pro40 tournament (the English 40 over a side tournament). The T20 cup and the Friends' Provident Trophy (50 over stuff), P20, and Liverpool Victoria County Championship will be England's domestic tournaments from 2010.

Amy said...

Really? That must be right. But I read they were intending on pushing the T20 Cup back a few months. Must be wrong.

Thanks for that.

Amy said...

Interestingly, Cricinfo reports otherwise...

Another Blogger said...

Amy: Cricinfo are reporting the same thing. P20 for Champions League qualification.

Amy said...

Oh, no. I just realised I read your previous comment incorrectly. I thought you'd written the P20 would replace the T20 Cup - the full stop looked like a comma. Sorry.

GoodCricketWicket said...

The extra T20 competition is not designed to improve English cricket.

It is designed to push Giles Clark higher up the Sunday Times Rich List.

He is with KP -

Amy said...

What a dastardly plan by Clark.