Friday 17 April 2009

Brett Lee looking wistful

He could have been training with the Aussies right now. That facial expression is somewhat wistful.
Meanwhile, Shane Warne was just busy looking creepy during the IPL parade in Cape Town yesterday:

"Billy, Uncle Gustav is here for some alone time with you."


Damith S. said...

wtf shane warne !?

Srishti said...


Amy said...

Damith, that's what I said. And then I just saw him on the news, so there was video footage of him like that. Disturbing to say the least.

Srishti, oh my god. That is all I can say.

Unknown said...

Wow. I second that Oh My God!!

It's my theory that BL was about to smack Sree upside the head for looking so silly, but the cams were fast on to him.

Frightened by the crying fit that would have ensued, he had to pull off that half-assed looking thing seen.

Amy said...

He looks like he's almost been lost in the crowd. Like something out of a romance novel. Soul-searching type.

Anna said...

This is what Brett Lee's busy doing

uh-huh. Good old publicity.

Amy said...

That, and desperately sending emails to Punter asking him to have a chat to the selectors about him.

Love his status as Weet-Bix Ambassador. My dream job.