Sunday 26 April 2009

KP's Switch Hitting

Well, it got him out.

How appropriate.

I'm sorry, but you don't try to switch hit against Dan. It's just wrong.

Oh well, the 37 that did come were pretty.


Esra_Star said...

Well done KP, really clever. Oh well at least Boucher got a game and Kallis got out for a duck. Kallis as a T20 opener, highly amusing.

Srishti said...

wtf is wrong with bangalore?

is there any logic at all behind their persisting with uthappa and kallis, dropping/resting dravid and ryder, and leaving out steyn!? And why would they even sign ROFL if they were going to go 5 games without picking him, surely he deserves better than that...

I think whoever has been picking the team is quite clearly drunk.

Ankit Poddar said...


did you look at dan's face after the wicket!

it was like "phew! i almost disappointed Amy!"

something like HP's after all!

Another Blogger said...

Srishti: Dravid isn't being rested. He's back in India for the birth of his child.

Being a Mumbai fan and due to the traditional Indian cricket rivalry between Mumbai and Karnataka, I am quite enjoying Banglore's continued failure. Their batsmen seem big on outsourcing their runs to each other all the time. Now, if only those pesky Daredevils caught Banglore's bug...

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

Uthappa is in the side because they don't have any choices for Indian batsman, but jeez, Kallis being in is a joke. After 17 games he is the worst bowler ever in the IPL. VDM is way way better in this format yet he rides the pine. And their fielding and bowling plans are just tragic. They deserve to lose.

Amy said...

Esra, it was the comedic highlight of the day.

Srishti, even I'm waiting for ROFL to get a game. But he'll be there soon, seeing as Bangalore are running low on good players. Maybe when Jacques is captain he'll give him a go. But then their foreign player limit is a little restrictive.

Ankit, I can't believe Dan was thinking about me in the moments after that wicket. I am delighted.

AB, I'm all for Delhi going down. It would be funny to see a strong team like that do it. Sehwag and Gambhir aren't exactly helping their cause lately.

cricketanalysis, Bangalore are terrible, you're right. Dale Steyn, best fast bowler in the world? Doesn't seem to be performing. And Kallis... well, that's just ridiculous. Just wait for him to captain by consensus. Should be a bigger joke.