Saturday 18 April 2009

The IPL is about begin

The opening ceremony is probably on about now but yeah, can't watch it. It's not being broadcast here. The games, however, are.

Watch Chennai beat the crap out of Mumbai, and watch KP in action. Oh, the excitement. The chance to see KP fail spectacularly is creating an atmosphere laden with tension and excitement. Still, it would be far less funny if Jacques Kallis played well. That would just ruin the night.

If you're going to be watching the IPL alone, DON'T. Who will you laugh with when KP is bowled for a duck? So chain anyone to a seat and watch the games with them. It's not even a real match so you won't feel the pressure of your side losing. You'll just be happy. Drinks all round!

That's another thing. Down a shot for every DLF Maximum Albie hits, and every wicket Freddie gets. A shot for every sledge the cameras pick up. A shot for every funny face Shoaib Akhtar makes. Too bad he won't be playing.

And, of course, down the whole bottle when KP gets out. Good times.

I might have to officially write up a Drinking Game for the IPL. Who knows, I'll trial it tonight and bring word of its success tomorrow.


Maithreyi said...

I heard the opening ceremony is supposed to be held after the second match today - not entirely sure. Wouldn't make sense to hold it in the middle of the day - especially if there's going to be more MAGICAL LASER SHOWS like last time round. >.>

As long as Jayasuriya gets out in the first ball of the first over, Chennai is guaranteed to kick some Mumbai ass. Um.

I should try the drinking game in... I dunno... IPL v5.0, I guess.

I get more emotionally roused while supporting Chennai than I ever do supporting the national team. Does that make me a bad person?

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SportsGirl said...

how can we aussies watch the ipl matches?

richie_141 said...

They're being shown on one digital, which is channel 1 if you have hd digital, or channel 12 if you have sd digital.

Esra_Star said...

KP didn't completely suck, but the game isn't over yet! At least there was no Jacques.

I think we should start a petition to get Warnie back in the Aussie side, he's still an impressive unit!

Indophile said...

What a crappy match ...Kevin looking so happy to beat the hell out of Warnie .Thank god it was so boring .Hopefully rest of the matches will be same very dull and boring and in the end somebody will smack Modi on his head with the IPL cup. All our Indian senior citizens rejuvanted . Who looses five wickets to a bowler in a T20 match? and that too who is from pre historic era.. really amazing stuff flying around

Amy said...

Maithreyi, not at all. It just means you're a perfect spectator for the IPL.

Rayden, yes that was rather unfortunate. Stupid Chennai.

Esra, Warnie is still pretty darn amazing with the ball. He's better than half our bowlers even now.

Indophile, the second match was actually more interesting than the first, but yes, it was crappy. Rajasthan had an entirely shit score. Their destruction was amusing to watch, however.

Anonymous said...

i cud pay all my money to watch those 2 beauties from Warnie. Whatta bowler even now. I guess he should consider returning for the Ashes. Pommies wont stand a chance then....

It was a day when legends showed their worth and proved that any form of the game isnt different for them. it requires quality n application to succeed even in T20...

Warnie, Kumble, Dravid and of course Tendulkar rocked. And it would be great to see Sachin take on Warne again on Monday after 5 years.

Amy said...

It'll be a great match. Warnie has still got it all in him.