Monday 20 April 2009

Why Albie Morkel Didn't Play: The Real Truth

If you'll cast your mind back a few days, you'll remember that Morne Morkel's equipment and shoes mysteriously went missing from his hotel lobby, apparently put on the Deccan Chargers' bus for Cape Town. And you know who did it.

Well, Morne had his revenge, because the morning of Albie's flight from Jo'burg to Cape Town, a similar thing happened to Albie, only Morne went to greater lengths to do it.

On his blog, VB Chandrasekar spoke of the truth behind Albie sitting out:

A last minute change to the side was to prove costly for us as Albie landed here sans his gear as the airline had lost it in transit from Jo’burg where he had played the last ODI game against the touring Aussies.

Albie was very disappointed and stressed at the sad turn of events. We missed him for his all-round skills, although Thushara did bowl well in his opening spell.

Lost in transit, hey? Very disappointed and stressed?

I wonder if this was what Lalit Modi was so earnestly speaking to Albie about during that match.

At least Albie can take comfort in knowing the team would have desperately wanted him playing that day.

"Bet they would have wanted me doing THIS."


Esra_Star said...

Wow, thats a top effort by Morne. Shame he had to borrow Albie's idea! Poor Albie, nothing worse than having your plan backfire twice.

richie_141 said...

What if though, we've been a bit quick to blame the Morkel brothers? I've actually got a theory that it was AB. Yeah, see, he's so jealous of all the attention Amy gives Albie that he hatched a cunning plan. Unfortunately for AB, and indeed, Morne, since Morne was dropped Albie has been making him lug his kit around for him. So, Morne had already taken Albie's kit to the bus, unbeknownst to AB, leading to AB stealing the wrong kit. Dressing up as Albs whilst doing so was a stroke of genius.

So, naturally, AB had to stay positive, and sharp, and all that jazz and try again. Belated success is success nonetheless...

Amy said...

That's a very believable explanation, actually. I wouldn't put it past AB.