Monday 20 April 2009

Protesting no IPL for prisoners?

500 inmates at the Alipore Central Jail in Kolkata have gone on a hunger strike after they weren't allowed to watch the IPL on television. The IPL is being broadcast on a private channel and while inmates are free to watch FTA channels, they cannot watch pay TV.

B.D. Sharma, the inspector general of West Bengal prisons, told the AFP about the incident:
"They are free to watch the national channels run by the state-run network, but we can't allow inmates to watch private channels for security reasons. We have to go by the rules."

Personally, I think murderers, thieves, rapists and the like should receive individual subscriptions to pay TV, and what's more, be offered the full range of channels on offer. Further still, the right to watch the IPL wherever you are should be drafted into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You're already providing a plush lifestyle for some of these prisoners, so why stop there?

Because prisoners deserve to have their every demand met, including this one.


Rayden said...

Probably the policemen did not want the West Bengal prisoners to find out Ganguly was no longer the captain of their team KKR. Can you imagine what would happen then!!

Ankit Poddar said...

obviously Amy,

a tournament which is a conception of a thief, murderer and rapist, who also goes by the name of lalit, should be allowed to be viewed by his colleagues!

i protest! for the protesting prisoners!

Indophile said...

rapist ? Ankit that's a new one for Mr Modi .

Amy said...

Yes it is... Can't say I'd go so far as to describe him as a rapist.

Anonymous said...

I think Ankit is talking about rape of "the spirit of cricket"- Cheesy but probably true :)