Wednesday 29 April 2009

How To Win The Ashes

1. Phil Hughes.

2. A good spinner, if we can find one.

3. Phil Hughes.

4. An opposition experiencing internal problems.

5. Phil Hughes.

6. Mitchell Johnson.

7. Phil Hughes.

8. Shaun Marsh, fingers crossed.

9. Phil Hughes.

10. And for good measure, Phil Hughes.

Little Phillip is going to piss off a lot of Poms.

"Phillip Hughes - Aussie twang."


missjane said...

ok, so we just need to:

1. find a spinner (omg, they should *so* do a reality show: 'So You Think You Can Spin.' or praps 'Biggest Spinner.')

2. make sure Phil doesn't trip over anything.

i think they shoudl have a staffer just to look after #2. in fact perhaps just go with a full time security detail... any one of those country cricketers could 'accidentally' trip him over you know.

just off to patent my tv show.

Amy said...

You forgot Warnie's Spinning Nightmares.

And I'm setting up a neighbourhood cricket watch to travel to England and make sure no stray cricket balls go Phil's way. It happened in '05, it could happen again.

Anonymous said...

Also, Michael Vaughan at #3 in the opposition, just to be sure

GoodCricketWicket said...

So much for Vaughan @donthaveaclue.

Australia's lack of a spinner might show England the way to get the edge, particularly as there is talk of an Aussie weakness batting against spin. It will be interesting to see whether both Swann and Panesar play against West Indies next week.

Esra_Star said...

If only little Phil could bowl spin...

Amy said...

donthaveaclue, him or Bell, they'd both do the job well enough.

GCW, it's looking to be the team's Achilles heel. Ponting thinks they'll bring in a spinner, but who? Nathan Hauritz isn't exactly spectacular. And then there's Australia's lack of confidence in playing spin. It's all crept up on us in the past year or so.

Esra, I wouldn't be able to stand him if I did. Regularly pulling off centuries and taking wickets is a little on the unearthly side.