Friday 17 April 2009

ICL wants Official Status

Looks like Subhash Chandra wants in on some of the fun the IPL has having. Being deemed a rebel group is getting old and he wants more prestige. He wants his league to have the same official status as the IPL.

The ICC's executive board is meeting with the ICL but I'll go bald overnight sooner than they'll grant this request. What use is an International Cricket Council when it's effectively controlled by one country?

However, the ICL is prepared to take this matter to court if need be. They really want official status, apparently. Not just that, but the ICC have been given a deadline to put things in action. After June 1, if the ICL is not "official", this shit is going straight downtown to the judicial system:

“We have made our pitch and it is up to ICC to make a call . Status quo will mean that we will exercise the legal option."

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