Monday 27 April 2009

Batting With Broken Fingers

Continuing with the story of our martyr, Alastair Cook batted in the second innings of the match against the West Indies for his county. And this time he fared well:

"It is still sore but it is definitely getting better. It was much better than yesterday. Perhaps I hit more balls out of the middle of the bat because it was the balls I didn't hit right on Saturday that caused quite a bit of pain. Maybe it is just getting used to batting again."
It's been three weeks since he fractured his finger, and he just wants to be able to play the first Test against the Windies in May.

I wouldn't play 3 weeks after breaking my finger but I guess my eyes aren't pretty enough.


Anjo Antony said...
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achettup said...

If you're as confident as Cook in your ability, you might turn up a couple of days after breaking a finger. He could end up playing an missing an entire session before being run-out by Michael Vaughan and his sprightly knees.

Amy said...


atchettup, if you're as confident as Cook in your ability, you wouldn't need to doll yourself up with mascara. But what can he do, he's a sufferer of body dysmorphia.

Maybe he has finger dysmorphia. "Damn you fingers for not being perfect enough! I'm going to play with broken fingers!"