Friday 24 April 2009

To Albie - Love, AB

Heloo Albee I em just riting too tell yoo thenk yoo for helping me get cenchery in metch. I em gladd yoo ar thinkeng abowt yoor felloo south afrikans we ar best freinds YAH. Okay no Mornay is mai best freind but yoo ar sekund best aftar this thenk yoo. I will tell Mickey and Greame yoo ar grate and yoo shud be in Test team. Mornay is lost cais now eniway he is STILL not bak on team. So shaimfull dont yoo think? He is still mai best freind becos wat if he is sudenly gud! Eniway we haf too live toogethar so I hav too like him. End Jesus onli luvs those who luv everione else so I em just being gud christain.

Wat i em reelly sinding email for is too say thenk yoo for droping cach I now yoo did for me becos we ar good freinds but I em beter luking off corse! ha ha thet is a joke ORR IS IT???? I was reeding bibel yestiday end it sed too take victry with levil hed end too be nice to loosers so I em riting too yoo becos yoo lost end yoo ar the looser.

Yoo showd reel south afrikan spiritt end so did i even tho I hit yoo for six so meny times!! ha ha thet was funy wen I hit thet six end yoo wer probebly thinking oh no I wish I was AB!! Its okay lots of peepel went too be me. I em handsum and hav gud hair end I em gud at bating end feilding end wecketkeeping end sumtimes I boll too. I can also play teniss end golf end rugbi so I am all round starr dont yoo think? I also sing end play guitar end qwalifyed for Olimpycs in 16 defferent sports but didnt go so I cud play with yoo end mai SOUTH AFRIKANS!! I thenk we can agree I em qwite amaizing rite?

Alrite Albie I hav to go giv intervew with all famus newspepers end magezeens. Everione wents to talk too me becos I em amaizing! Bye, thenk yoo for not caching me end also for bolling were I cud hit it for six. Also thenks for not batting gud at the end wining mach for yoor team. Thenks Albie yoo ar grate even better then Greame! Yoo shud be captin of south afrika after I am of coorse! ha ha funni joke.

I hav too go but remimber too STAY SHARP!!

I actually just found the offending words from AB following the match. I think it fits in well here:
"It was a scratchy innings, especially the first 50 runs. I was a little bit of lucky to get to my century and thanks to Albie for giving me a chance."
That's what you call kicking a man when he's already down.


James said...

He really does write like that...

12th Man said...

AB did drop another Christian Big Matty in the first over. Matty should have capitalised on that and got a match-winning hundred.

Amy said...

James, of course he does. He's AB.

12th, that would have been good. Don't know what stupid Parthiv was doing there.

Esra_Star said...

Classic Amy. Loved the Stay Sharp at the end, and the list of AB's achievements. He probably dropped Haydos as a returned catholic favour.

Amy said...

Probably. He knew he'd put in a winning effort at the start so why not help out a fellow Christian?