Monday 20 April 2009

Ireland win the World Cup Qualifiers

Yes they do. I am pleased indeed, but also disappointed because Afghanistan didn't make it to the World Cup. No fear, they still have next time, and I'm certain the team will be even stronger contenders in years to come.

The 4 teams going to the 2011 World Cup: Ireland, Canada, Netherlands and Kenya, qualifying in that order. Those are some strong teams, maybe they'll beat Bangladesh.

I'm only joking, of course Ireland will beat Australia. It's the only possible outcome.

The man of the tournament was Netherlands' Edgar Schiferli. Interesting name.

Afghanistan came fifth, winning their last match against Scotland. It's not even a consolation prize, because considering the work they've put it in to get this far, every win is an important win.


12th Man said...

The Afghans should have played Bin Laden. He's an amazing slipper and a close-in catcher. He's also a handy bat down the order.

Nice for the Irish folks. They will be pitted against the best in the World Cup draw next time.

missjane said...

Afghanistan did get ODI status and a high performance grant, so they didn't leave empty handed.

Amy said...

12th, I hear Bin Laden's a bit of a chucker, though. He's never bowled a bomb before, he only throws them.

missjane, yes, and that's an incredible achievement for them. I'm sure they're a little disappointed, but the positives out of this experience have been immense. Good for them.

12th Man said...

It is a nice time for Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani cricketers to play Afghanistan and make records, like they did against Hong Kong in the Asia cup last year.