Sunday 26 April 2009

Washed out by Deccan Chargers

Here we go, the second match of the day was abandoned due to rain. Thank god, because I actually wouldn't have been able to watch it. Channel ONE decided to show us the Chinese Grand Prix between the two matches. Fuckers. I had things to do and places to be so I eventually sacrificed the game for a bit of sleep.

But Mumbai vs. Deccan Chargers. Throughout the game, the commentators kept talking about how great the Deccan innings was, but I never felt it to be honest. They seemed to get a boundary every few balls and a hell of a lot dot balls in between. It was a choppy innings and when they initiated their collapse I was still a little bored by the match.

Mumbai came on and for the first 10 overs, looked right on track. RP Singh took the wicket of Jayasuriya and decided to show us his hairy chest which I wasn't particularly a fan of. Deccan were looking worse for wear but the strategic time out did it, and they won by 12 runs.

Malinga the Slinger was looking good, as was JP Duminy, but in the end, the West Indians won the day. Fidel Edwards and Dwayne Smith were priceless in the win against Mumbai.

So while the commentators were chatting about Sartre and other equally cricket-related things, I noticed a few interesting things on the field:

Gilly looks terrible in the blue uniform. It just makes him look creepy. Of course, his wasn't the worse uniform of the night. The Mumbai cheerleaders won that category. WTF were they wearing? They looked like they'd decorated cossies with tinsel.

The Deccan Chargers' fielding coach Mike Young makes Anzac Day sound like a joke.

Quote of the day:
"This is his day today. Before he left, someone put their hand on his head and said 'This is your day'." -Indian commentator on Herschelle Gibbs. I couldn't pick who the commentator was, but it was a funny quote.

Ad of the day:
Brad McEwan and ONE Technology on the Nintendo DSi:
Brad: *into recorder* I love Sports Tonight.
Harvey Norman dude: You do. I love watching it.

And then Brad goes all suggestive on us and says: "Well, there you go. The Nintendo DSi. Plenty of fun in a small package."

Cheers, Brad.


Leela said...

The Indian commentator with the quote of the day was Harsha Bhogle.
He can be irritating.
Ok that was an understatement.

Amy said...

Aww, I normally like Harsha Bhogle. He just seems more down to earth about the game and I'd certainly prefer him to some of the other commentators.

Like, say, Ranjit Fernando. heh.

Lulu said...

"RP Singh took the wicket of Jayasuriya and decided to show us his hairy chest which I wasn't particularly a fan of." - It was for me, not you!

"Gilly looks terrible in the blue uniform." - I like it better than last years.

"The Deccan Chargers' fielding coach Mike Young makes Anzac Day sound like a joke."

Did he say something about cricket fielding and baseball fielding being the same? Recalling my baseball days I remember we used to have giant hands to field with. But lol, what do I know? The man might speak truth.

richie_141 said...

One have clearly decided to use the definition of 'live' that means 'well, not really live. More like delayed by ads and commentator drivel and formula one. But you know, you can't watch it anywhere else, so you'll have to stay up til 3.30 to see the second game of the double header even start. Just because we can can can."


Amy said...

Lulu, not RP Singh, surely! And in general, the team looks better in blue than tan. Gilly looks the same. Mike Young thinks they're similar principles. But if you ask me, anyone with an American accent as thick as that one has no place in the game.

Richie, bastards they are. I don't care about Mark Webber - only in passing. But ripping off viewers and sticking it between matches is a cunty joke.

Esra_Star said...

Mike Young talking about ANZAC day horrified me. Nice touch but just not right with a yankee accent.

In my part of Oz we didn't get the grand prix we got a double header of both matches, and due to the rain a replay of CSK vs RCB.

How bad was Campbell's rain jokes last night, the man needs a bullet!

Amy said...

Fuck. That pisses me off. So we get to see some rubbish qualifying round just because Mark Webber's in it, but other Australians aren't subjected to this?


Another Blogger said...

It was indeed Harsha Bhogle - the only commentrator who does not scream "DLF Maximum" whenever anyone hits the ball into the stands.
Atleast he has some dignity left.

BTW, Chinese GP is over... the race this weekend is Bahrain GP.

Amy said...

This is why I don't watch racing. haha. Yeah, it was Bahrain. They even drilled it into our heads in the ads.

Harsha Bhogle is hilarious when he talks about Geoffrey Boycott.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Thank God someone else thought that ad was hilarious. Do you know where I can find it? I'd love to make it my Myspace video ha ha.

Amy said...

Unfortunately not. I guess nobody really cares enough about these ads to upload them to youtube or anything. I, for one, truly appreciate Brad's subtle acting skills.