Thursday 23 April 2009

Weird Al ahead of Delhi match

Clever pun there, I have to say. Albie is being a little weird about secrets and what to disclose about his SA compatriots to Chennai team mates in this year's IPL:

"We've been given specific instructions by our boards not to reveal all our secrets, especially with the World Twenty20 coming up in a couple of months' time."
Okay, I get that. But then he starts spouting vague phrases which make my head spin:

"It's not that we don't talk, but we don't reveal all our strategies. That is as per instructions from our boards. We cannot show off all our secret weapons and there's not much we can do about it. It's true not just for me, but for the others as well."
WHAT SECRET WEAPONS? I think I'm missing out on something infinitely awesome here. Do South Africa have an arsenal of WMDs ready to be unleashed on other teams for the World Cup? Have they been feeding Duminy radioactive slime in order to power him up even more? Has Graeme Smith invented a batting shot which will blow everyone's minds away? Is Sybrand coming into the team to show off his ambidextrous fielding abilities?

I really want to know.

I bet AB's been telling Delhi all about Albie's weaknesses. Dan in particular. HI ALBIE IS BETTER AGAINST FAST BOWLERS OKAY? But little does he know that Albie is also excellent against spinners. Just not as excellent. Which is the point. Damn.

What is AB's weakness? Players saying the Lord's name in vain? That must piss him off.

Or is Graeme his weakness?


Anonymous said...

AB also hates snakes

Amy said...

Why is that?

Esra_Star said...

I reckon Albie would give annoymous tip offs about Morne though. But don't take Morne's shoes because that gives him magic blisters!

Ab's weakness would be man love. He just can't resist. That and comments on how Sybrand is a better fielder...

Amy said...

Morne hasn't even gotten a game in yet. Rajasthan have already got this idea of which foreign players play matches worked out. They're probably just milking Morne on info about SA conditions, and will throw in a match for him later on.

Albie wouldn't bother with comments about Morne. He'd talk ROFL, just to eliminate all threats from all-rounders.