Thursday 23 April 2009

Boy, he sure is cute!

"But the Mischief Gals sure did get the crowd into a frenzy. Can't wait to get on the ground again today evening for our next match and watch Rahul Dravid. Boy, he sure is cute!"
From the lips of a White Mischief Gal herself, Rebecca Lee. I came across the diary of this BRC cheerleader thanks to Ducking Beamers, and well... okay, I can't really say anything. It's all a little too weird.

I still don't understand this concept of winning by runs or wickets.
It's not all that different in other sports, really. Winning by runs is essentially equivalent to winning by home runs, and instead of getting 3 chances to do it, you get 10 in cricket. Not much to this "concept" at all.

I'm just surprised Cricinfo is getting one of the Mischief Gals to blog at theirs a bit. You think you're on the outside, but no, now you can see into the minds of these Mischief Gals. It's all very stereotypically American cheerleader. Not that I was expecting something different.

The woman in the front is not 40.


Ankit Poddar said...

why not get a DC cheerleader to blog now, amy?!

they sure are the most mischievous ones, if you ask me! but then you don't ask me! ;(

12th Man said...

They call this IPL Page 2 on cricinfo.

It should have been IPL Page 3, IMO.

Amy said...

Ankit, I'm asking you now. You never wait for me to do it. Who are the sexiest cheerleaders out there?

12th, it certainly fits more appropriately into that section.

Ankit Poddar said...


thanks for asking! by far that has to be DC girls!

Amy said...

Right you are. Even Ryan Campbell agrees with you. He won't shut up about the cheerleaders.