Tuesday 21 April 2009

Who is the Fake IPL Player?

Everyone wants to know, everyone's speculating, and it's damn near impossible to figure this one out.

At first I thought it might be anyone. It didn't get too specific and some of the stuff written would have been easy to infer about the team. In fact, at first, the Fake IPL Player was pretty darn hilarious.

The Sheikh of Tweak. Vinnie Dildo. Lord Almighty. And so forth. Very amusing takes on players and happenings.

But then things took a turn for the, I suppose, darker side, when it became clear that this was perhaps upsetting an already upset team. The Knight Riders' CEO Joy Bhattacharya denied the blog was coming from a player within the team, claiming it was "sick and perverted". Which it hilariously is.

There are differences between the take of events on the blog and what Joy claims. In fact, the treatment of the Lord and his reaction as depicted by the Fake IPL Player is altogether too close to what is likely to be the truth, an uncomfortably close-to-the-bone description of the goings on following the captaincy issue.

The writer then went on to give a little disclaimer:
All characters appearing in this work (blog) are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

You know, seems intelligent, and much of the writing suggests this. Is definitely Indian, can speak English well, and must be an insider of some sort. There are slip-ups in spelling at times but it's got a well-educated feel to it. Or well aware of pop culture.

But who is this Fake IPL Player? When it became clear that the writer had a considerable idea of what was going on in the team, it seemed it could be a journo doing the honours. But they've denied this too, although they have said that other journalists suspected it was one of their own behind this.

And now apparently management wants to catch the player "within 24 hours" having narrowed it down to a list of 4 young Indian players, of which the Fake IPL Player claims to be none. The description of the ongoing secrecy in the team and the falling out between management and players has an all too ominous feel to it. Simply put, this writer doesn't appear to be making this up. They're getting their info from somewhere.

I don't really know some of the more obscure Kolkata players so I can't weigh in on who it could be. But whatever it is, in the last day or so, this hilarious blog has transformed into more of a mystery. Our very own blogger mystery.

KKR are claiming the opposite of the writer. In their version of events, SRK comes around for a coffee after the loss, and the players sit around chatting to each other. Sounds like a right old tea party.
In the Fake IPL Player's take of events, SRK doesn't come around at all, and the team is tense. The Lord is quiet, Coach is taking time off from the players on his laptop, and so forth.

A mystery, then.

But I think I've cracked it. The Colonel did it, in the library, with the wrench.


Anand said...

Whats the URL of this Fake IPL player's blog?

Amy said...


missjane said...

thanks for link Amy... hilarious! a better writer than OB :)

Q said...

I dont think it is anyone in South Africa.. because if it was I reckon it would not have been too difficult to catch him.. after all he's using the hotel or stadium WIFI and they've got IT security definitely so its not hard to catch people..

Hence, I believe he is someone sitting in India getting his info from someone within the KKR.

Or it could be a marketing gimmick by the great Shahrukh Khan...

Amy said...

Whoever it is, they're very clever...

Anonymous said...

It is being posted with US time, hence the person is in USA and a Bong NRI.

Amy said...

See I thought about that too, but as people have said, it's quite easy to change your timezone. And when you were creating the blog, you'd probably just change it anyway to cover your tracks.

They're too smart to get caught with something like that.

Anonymous said...

the fake iplblogger is a fan of lordie and wants to take revenge on vinnie dildo

Anonymous said...

With KKR Dildo have taken up another fulltime profession on his head as Bollywood and Cricket are the most passionately followed stuff in India. While with Bollywood he can paint is best picture infront of the media, the KKR business will show his true character to the people. Anyways..20-20 is good for criket and new talent.. AD

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the assumption that the blogger is a BONG...and based in the US. Much of his writing reflects words used in the US...and if he is posting according to the US time, its likely he is based in the US.
It is likely he has a friend in the KKR team...one of the BONG's I would assume..
together..great job guys!! A breath of fresh air in the stinking world of cricket

Pawan said...

Truly a nice decipher. I completed reading all of this fake IPL players blog and truly its a writing masterpiece. Well, this guy has absolute balls. As far as I know it can't be SRK, because in why would he project his team in a bad manner. If its for money lemme mind you FIP's blog has no ads and the publicity provided by it is absolutely sickening for IPL.

He is surely and Indian and top of it he is a bengali. I'm keeping my finger's crossed for his identity which is going to be revealed on the 18th of this month.

N.B: Did you notice??
He didn't post since the past two days.

Anonymous said...

but... the fake ipl player is very hillarious...

Anonymous said...

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