Friday 24 April 2009

Albie you stupid idiot

Drops AB on 50. AB goes on to make 100 off 51 balls. Albie fumbles an absolute sitter after taking a similarly easy catch of Sehwag earlier.

Even the wicket of Dilshan doesn't make up for that horrendous dropped catch.

Apparently AB was the one who got my memo to Hayden telling him that Jesus was literally inside him. His strike rate was almost 200.

A small part of me was disgusted by AB's maiden IPL century (and the first ton of this IPL season), but fuck, that was a good century. 6 sixes, something like 5 fours. Quite a few off Albie, not sparing him the way Albie had spared AB. AB might not be a powerhitter, but he's classy and makes it look effortless.

Delhi posted 189/5.

The immense relief I felt when Hayden came on, rearing to go, was reminscent of the Australia of past. You'd think it was Gilly down the other end judging by the number of times I've felt this way before. Harsha Bogle thinks Hayden's Australia's answer to ODI openers. And he's not that far off in terms of ability.

AB caught Parthiv Patel, already the golden boy of the IPL. You can almost see the commentators smiling at his sunny disposition. He kisses his hands after taking the catch, probably thinking he's humbly kissing the Lord's hands. AB then goes and takes a great catch for Raina's wicket. I bet he thinks he's amazing. Someone bring Sybrand on.

Flintoff's happy face in the intro shot could give AB a run for his money.

Then it's Albie's turn to redeem himself. He dropped that vital catch earlier, didn't he? Albie looks around nervously, gets frightened by overhead cameras, has his very few fours stopped by a persistent AB (the commentators are all over the bastard, talking about back rubs and massages) and eventually does SHIT ALL to help Chennai win. 13 off 14. I BITE MY THUMB AT YOU, SIR.

And seriously, someone needed to get David Warner the fuck off the field. Goddamn substitute. Who was he there for, anyway? I think I missed that when I walked out for a while.

Fucking shit. I blame Albie.

And when I've had time to think about it, I might just blame Freddie too.


Maithreyi said...


you can have mine. I've got plenty right now.

Amy said...

He seemed to think it was a lost case far before the end. Disappointing.

Chennai's bowlers sucked, especially against AB in the latter overs of the innings.

pRAFs said...

You should have heard AB's interview after DD's innings and also at the post match conference. He thanked Albie in both the interviews,for dropping his catch. Good lad that AB.

Amy said...

I skipped the ceremony afterwards but wtf? Damn AB.

And damn Albie for dropping it. That was like some sort of turning point. AB's next 50 came off nothing.

12th Man said...

Looks like the Super Kings contingent have made a $1.55 mln mistake by picking Flintoff. Though he did well against the Royal Challengers, bowling four overs for 50 and failing with the bat doesn't justify the amount paid to him.

I expected Albie to chase it down after Hayden's heroics up the order. Stupid,moron, retard Albie Morkel.

adverbin said...

Gony should have left all 6 ball of the final over to Albie instead of running hmself out on the final ball of the 19th over. As for the $1.55 mill mistake, I am wondering about KP.

Amy said...

KP's been decent with the ball, but Freddie's been shocking. He's got one of the worst economy rates in this tournament, but he hasn't justified his price tag with the bat either.

12th, I expected Albie to chase it down too. But when he came on, I sort of realised it might not happen. Delhi's fielding and bowling was very good, they put pressure on Chennai like nothing else.

The Balaji run out was the stupidest.

adverbin said...

I think Roefl would be better bet than KP if we talk of bowling. Maybe batting too.

Amy said...

Probably. But we've only seen him bowling against Australia, and they're ridiculously terrible at playing spin.

ROFL would be worth his money, no doubt. He can hit the ball a bit too.