Monday 27 April 2009

Deccan vs. Chennai

I don't know how much I can stress this, but Chennai have to win.

They have to win, or the Chargers will have won all of their games until now. And that's just a dangerous imbalance of power and success.

Something tells me maybe Chennai can pull it off. They're not a bad team, they're one of the strongest. But they haven't played since that loss against Delhi. This Saturday, Chennai will face Delhi again. Can they beat them?

Freddie's not going to be there today. Apparently the players were disappointed because they just loved his cheery spirit. It's fake, I'll tell you. The players are probably glad to be rid of that grin and those super expensive bowlers.

By the way, does "whistle podu" just mean whistling for your team? Is there some sort of reason behind it, cultural or otherwise?



Procrastinx said...

You are right about whistle podu. 'Podu' means do ( as in do something ) in Tamil, the native language of Chennai. Nothing specifically cultural i guess.

12th Man said...

Whistle podu means "to whistle" in Tamil. Podu essentially means "to put", though it might mean different in different contexts. It refers to the kind of whistling that is done to support your team or cheer your favourite player.

Chennai have to win today, after rain forced them to share points with KKR in an encounter CSK was sure to win.

Amy said...

Thanks for clarifying the whistle podu stuff.

Chennai are 3rd in the rankings, I think, but I want them to win some games and get the points they need.

Saradha Ramadoss Group said...

Whistle Podu is the Chennai way of demanding noise in a not so serious but a matter of fact typical chennai lingo:

There was a tamil song which scorched the kollywood charts like 5 yrs back titled "Oh Podu".. and since then "podu" is hogging the limelight more than ever.

Here's the "Oh Podu" song from youtube:

Check out the tone and the dance movements when the singer says "Oh Podu" and that's a typical Chennai street culture as shown in films.

buriedatsea said...

And Albie needs to fire

Maithreyi said...

Ahh... whatever WILL we do without Hayden!

... Um. Okay. Couple of months from now I'll forget I ever said that.

... WHAT is this. Rohit Sharma bowling. Three runs and a wicket in his first over.


Maithreyi said...

Sorry for mucking up this comment thread, but...

Dhoni out. MS, I love you, I do, but you are TRYING MY PATIENCE.

That's it. End of game. We're losin'.

Amy said...

Muthu, hey thanks for that. It's pretty cool.

buriedatsea, yeah that's what I thought until he failed. Goddamn.

Maithreyi, it's a sad day for us. It really is. Hopefully they can scrape a win.