Monday 20 April 2009

Bangalore vs. Chennai

The clash of the titans.

Not really, but in my head it is. This game will be worth watching for the individual dynamics between players on opposing teams. I'm really looking forward to some clashes between specific players in the match. If all goes well, it will be the most explosive match of the tournament yet. The teams certainly have the potential to make it so.

Are you pumped?

I am.


Som said...

I'm expecting some blood on the turf.

Leela said...

Amy, this is my head v. heart match; the head says BRC but the heart beats for CSK.

Lord I am confused!

Amy said...

Som, ah, but whose blood? That is the question at hand.

Leela, in true melodramatic style, I will tell you to follow your heart. It's the only way.

12th Man said...

I want CSK to win today and STOP losing anymore.

Amy said...


Maithreyi said...

Dudes, CSK has lost only one match. That totally does not count as a streak.

I've a lot of bets lined up with my hostel mates (they are Chennaiites, yes, but they're traitors) so blood on the turf or not, I've got quite a bit of pride and then some at stake here.

Here's hoping Muthu and Albie are in the XI.

... And that Parthiv isn't. >.>

Indophile said...

Well sadly Haydos took your advise to heart. He was really really pumped up . So KP back to being shit as a captain and Dhoni boy back to winning ways. Sad really but they deserve this who in their right mind drop Ryder before Ross Taylor

Amy said...

They have yet to see the might of Jesse, but when they do, they'll be sure to keep him on.