Saturday 25 April 2009

Fake IPL Player shits on everyone again

His last few posts have been pretty boring, but it's hard not to admire this guy's tenacity. He's up and running again after a short break.

I guess the Fake IPL Player hasn't been caught.

The reliability of yesterday's source has been questioned, just so you all know. That's only become apparent quite a while after.

No fear, because now it could be anyone again. Seeing as most of the focus has gone off his posts and onto his identity, this is the real story. He said it himself; he's only gong to post things that every other player knows, to preserve his identity.

I like it. So on with the fakeness.


Barney said...

now i don't like it...
things are being covered up...
what if RDB was played just so that we could get on with the speculation..
what if he is the fake guy, but the bcci doesnt want him to be killed of fed to the journos..

btw i changed my blog design...again!!

Amy said...

It could still be anyone, but the entire situation is a whole lot funnier now.