Wednesday 29 April 2009

More Kamran Khan Stories

Time to edge in on the latest on the Kamran Khan story before all the news outlets start talking about the fairytale story of Kamran Khan again.

Mike Haysman writes of what is going on back home in Kamran's village during the IPL:
His eldest brother Shamshad Ahmed, who works as a driver on daily wages, had organized that four television sets were on hand and a generator was hired as the villagers gathered at Kamran’s residence to watch the match. When he captured the prize wicket of Ganguly celebrations erupted and fire crackers punctuated the air and signed off the moment. Soon after his brother was bursting with pride as The Royals were victorious following an emotionally draining tie enforced Super Over that was engineered by Kamran.
Everyone wants to know the feel good cricketing story of the year. This is it, folks. They'll be making it into a film next.

And then there's a little more on Kamran's journey to the top and struggle for recognition:
Kamran was an eighth grade dropout and along with his seven brothers and two sisters faced the stark reality of abject poverty and despair on a daily basis. Both his parents died when he was young but that never extinguished his dream of becoming a cricketer. He tirelessly trekked from city to city with his one set of whites and torn cricket shoes enrolling in cricket camps in the hope of recognition.
Are you feeling good yet? You should be.

"I'm going to go, go, go, there's no stopping me."


Q said...


RR were the fairytale of last year. Their player will be one this year.

Warne should settle in India. He'll make a lot of Slumdog millionnaires.

Amy said...

There's probably a lot of hidden talent in India just like Kamran. So many people play cricket, Kamran was lucky to be spotted.

Q said...


So if Warne settles down there he can definitely spot a lot more.

Amy said...

Do they have good mobile phone coverage in India? That is the first thing Warnie will consider.

Q said...

Orange, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, Hutch - they're all in India.. plenty of mobile coverage.. with the large population they have plenty of nurses too. Warne will be just fine.

richie_141 said...

He could stay there for years, if he had a large enoguh supply of baked beans.

Amy said...

That's offputting to the ladies.