Friday 24 April 2009

Ireland for Test cricket

I didn't mention it before and now I'll just talk about it briefly.

Ireland want to be considered for Test status. They think they've proven themselves in all formats of the game and the ICC should consider this. Their managers have come out with comments saying Ireland should play a test match against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe and prove their worth.

Maybe becoming a Test nation is the next place for Ireland to go.

Go Boyd Rankin. I just needed to work that in there.


Damith S. said...

I say its too soon. What we can do instead is strip the tigers of their test status and put them, Ireland, Kenya and Zim in a different league to show who is deserving of the test spot.

I love the Irish but its way too soon.

Another Blogger said...

I agree. Ireland should receive test status soon, in order to stop England poaching more of their promising players. It wouldn't be too hard to arrange tours to Ireland either. A team could come and tour Ireland before going on to England.

David Barry said...

I'd like to see Ireland have Test status just to swing the balance of power in the ICC away from the subcontinent bloc!

More seriously, Ireland were blanked 3-0 in Bangladesh last year, giving them Test status would result in cricket about as bad as what's happened with Bangladesh at Test level.

Stopping the flow of players to England would be very good for Irish cricket, but I'm not sure they could justify Test status... maybe they could if they got Ed Joyce and whoever else is in England back.

Amy said...

Yeah, it is too soon for them to have Test status. The ICC won't think twice.