Friday 24 April 2009

North for Marsh?

Shaun Marsh has pulled his left hamstring again and is heading home. So Marcus North is coming in.

Australia's chances of winning this series look a little slimmer.


Barney said...

u hate the aussies....

welcome to the club

Amy said...

If I hated the Aussies, I'd hate myself. And I don't.

I actually wanted them to win this series, but without Marsh that task is that much more harder.

Anonymous said...

oh great, Northie is in and the sole Aussie fan in the world cheers on....Australia should win and win big. Would give lotta peace to me..

go Aussies.

Amy said...

Well, to be fair, I do want Australia to win as well.

So does the rest of the country. That pushes the figure up to 21 million and 2 people.