Sunday 26 April 2009

The results before the game

Think about the two games today. Think about who will win.

Bangalore are up against Delhi. That's some sort of joke. Delhi will win, unless a miracle occurs.

Then there's Punjab against Rajasthan. Rajasthan haven't been looking flash hot this season but they are incredibly dangerous and they won that last match against Kolkata in a difficult contest. If everything goes right, everything that is, Punjab might scrape out a win. Their best chance of winning lies in their batting, and if they can set up a very convincing score against the Royals, and bowl well enough to bring down Rajasthan's top & middle order, Punjab will be in it. Of course, that's assuming Punjab bat first, but it could also work if they bowl first.

We'll see. I'm actually going to miss these two matches, and I'm glad it's these two I'm missing because they don't look to be that big of a contest.


Viswanathan said...

KXIP will wilt if RR brings on the pressure. As you have pointed out KXIP have to set a target or otherwise they are goners.

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Esra_Star said...

Dravid has gone home too so RCB are stuffed, unless rain can save them. I still want to see ROFL on the field and off the bench!

Deepak said...

I love your Blog


Amy said...

Ottayan, thanks, I've missed about a dozen or more posts in that time. Not anymore.

Esra, I'd like to see Boucher replacing Uthappa to be honest. And it's a huge shame about Dravid, but what can we do? Babies have to be born, regardless of cricket.

Deepak, thanks. I write it just for you, you know. Keep on passing by.

12th Man said...

Punjab don't have the bowling to defend any total they make. So they better make 250 to be on the safer side.

Amy said...

300 to be really safe.