Saturday 25 April 2009

Kent and Clark's replacement

Stuart Clark, after being called up for the ODI series against Pakistan, has suggested the replacement player for him for Kent.

Guess who?

Wayne Parnell.

Yeah, an Aussie recommending a saffa take their place. That's disgusting. I'm not exactly the most loyal Aussie fan, but if I were Stuey I sure as hell wouldn't be suggesting Kent replace me with an up-and-coming saffa player. I'd throw around a few Australian names. Doing a little something for the country.

Parnell will play for Kent until towards the end of May, when he returns to South Africa for the Proteas training camp ahead of the T20 World Cup.

Not gonna be wearing green, m'boy.


Barney said...

maybe he really cares for kent....

Amy said...

That's actually a criminal act in Australia.

Indophile said...

Well new saffers you can't stop loving them they are among the most exciting outfit in the world today with Morkel's, De Viller, Duminy Parnell and Steyn . No wonder Aussie bowling gun fell for one of them

Amy said...

I miss the days of Aussie domination. That was a very safe feeling.