Sunday 26 April 2009

Interview With Delusional Ricky Ponting

I just happened to catch the last 10 minutes of a who-knows-how-long interview with Ricky on WWOS. Slats was firing some questions sent in from viewers, and Ricky answered them. There were a few amusing things he said.

On why Phil Hughes isn't in Australia's ODI side:
"I think he's more suited to Test cricket. Besides, our one day side is at full strength, with Shaun Marsh, obviously he's gotten an injury so he can't play, Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds, Michael Clarke, the Two Husseys..."

Full strength? And the two husseys or the two hussies? It sounded funny at the time.

On why Australia appears to lack decent spinners:
"The lack of spinners in Australia is really due to the wickets in Australia. They're not suited to spinners so we don't have that many. Spinners are finding it hard to play on Australian wickets."

That is the best excuse anyone could ever come up with. Ricky Ponting, you stupid bastard, you are a genius at inventing excuses. It's very much like the English team. Quick, blame the loss on the wicket! Punter's learnt something from our enemies, it seems. I wonder how we produced the best legspinner in history on such wickets.

"I think it's terrific... But my wife was horrified to read in newspapers that people think our wives and girlfriends need counselling."

It's funny because as Ponting was speaking, they cut to a montage of various Aussie cricketers with their wives and girlfriends, including Lara Bingle looking much like a vampire as usual.

When asked whether Australia is a "good side or a great side":
"I think... a good side."

Hahaha, great way to round it off.

And Ponting also reckons they'll go for a spinner in their Ashes XI. The question is, who will it be?



Chris said...

He doesn't know Australian spinners are just terrible

Amy said...

Too right, I love that he could just go and blame it on ALL Australian pitches.

Tina Campbell said...

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