Friday 17 April 2009

IPL Sample Match

In light of recent changes to the game, and the distress it causes me, I've come up with a sample of an innings commentary during one of this year's IPL matches. It's a pertinent point and besides, YOU KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN.

9.1 Gony to Shaun Marsh, 1 run, edged away to short leg. The crowd is just waiting for some excitement.

9.2 Gony to James Hopes, 1 run, fielded at Gully. Marsh on strike again.

9.3 Gony to Shaun Marsh, FOUR, full and wide, beautiful cover drive. The crowd is roaring here.

9.4 Gony to Shaun Marsh, SIX, full and too straight, smashed over deep mid wicket for one long boundary. Beautiful shot from Marsh.

9.5 Gony to Shaun Marsh, SIX, full toss, creamed over long on. The crowd are loving every minute of this.

9.6 Gony to Shaun Marsh, SIX, this is sensational! Would have been a wide, but Marsh guided it easily past cover.

Tactical time-out for teams. Drinks for players. Shaun Marsh has had a stellar over, 24 runs off it. Looks in form and able to continue with this hard hitting.

10.1 Ntini to James Hopes, nudged away to mid wicket for a single.

10.2 Ntini to Shaun Marsh, OUT, bowled him! Ball swings, Marsh goes for it and misses. Clumsy shot. Marsh out for 67.

Expect to see a lot more of those, folks. Because we can't have a match without interrupting each innings midway to squeeze in more ads.


richie_141 said...

I bet Gony's not complaining about the break, he got smashed!! And Ntini's pleased he could take advantage of it

Amy said...

Perhaps the one good thing that could come out of this is that our bowlers won't be torn to shreds with quite so much ease. In every shortened format of the game, they seem to be suffering the most, when they've really got the toughest job.

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