Sunday 19 April 2009

Kings XI's sacks of money

Kings XI management have been wandering around South Africa with giant stacks of money, and they've even managed to lose some. Imagine that. Walking into your hotel room, opening the safe, and hurrah! Lots of cash for the taking.

The saffa in question didn't take it. It was some cellphone company boss who was using the room after Kings XI management, and he did the honourable thing by alerting hotel staff to the cash, which they then stored safely for KXIP to collect. Apparently it was something to the value of 450k rand.

Vice-president of operations for Kings XI Punjab, Arvinder Singh, was quick to praise the South Africans:
"It was an unusual situation, that was quickly resolved, when the hotel allotted the room we had been using as a meeting room to another guest. South Africa is a great country and its people are very honest."
Maybe he hasn't been out on the streets at night.
He also said the team would avoid carrying large amounts of cash around with them in the future. No shit.


Soulberry said...

What was the loose cash for?

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