Saturday 25 April 2009

Freddie, Freddie, Freddie

What the fuck, not another injury. It's his knee. Torn meniscus which now requires keyhole surgery. The ECB think he'll be out of the game for 3 to 5 weeks. Hugh Morris is onto it, already prepared with a list of reasons why this isn't such a big deal:
"Andrew has been extremely unlucky with injuries but if there is one saving grace it is that the injury has occurred now rather than on the eve of either the ICC World Twenty20 or the Ashes."

So England breathe a sigh of relief. He'll be there for the Ashes. They'll need him, especially after little midgets are going around hitting centuries in their domestic tournament. But with Freddie, England's chances of beating a rubbish Aussie team are a little higher.

KP is also weighing in on the issue:
"I didn't know about it (injury). I saw him bowling last night but it is a huge, huge blow come the summer in England."

A huge, huge blow.

Chennai will be glad to see the back of Freddie.


Aashrey said...

Time to blame the IPL. :p

Amy said...

Haha. Someone's going to suggest it sooner or later. "If he hadn't been playing in the IPL..."

Aashrey said...

I have my bets on Nasser Hussain going on the offensive.

Another Blogger said...

My feeling is, that had he played county cricket for the Lancs, and been forced to bowl 25 overs in a day, he would have broken down on the first day of the season. At least he got some batting practice in the IPL!

Amy said...

Sad thing is, that could easily have happened. Freddie's just so incredibly injury prone it's not funny.

At all.

12th Man said...

Going by his injuries in the recent past, there is no chance he will survive through the Ashes.

Amy said...

Or the T20 World Cup. There's so much concentrated in a period of a few months I doubt he'll be injury-free for it all.