Friday, 17 April 2009

Slow over rates

Finally. Something to help stop the excruciatingly slow over rates of the IPL. I might have killed myself if I'd had to sit through an extra hour of play repeatedly this year because of team's deciding to get tactical on the field. And do so very slowly.

Anyway, fines yadda yadda, won't repeat what's already in the article.

I'm just wondering who pays the team fine? If it's $360,000 how will they split it up, seeing as there's such a marked difference in income for the IPL between different players.

But the greatest victory of all in this is that Shane Warne will finally stop taking so fucking long to set the field, and may just give up on having a dozen extended chats with bowlers between overs, and indeed, between balls. He's not the only perpetrator, but he is one of the worst.

"A fine?!"

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